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Yusufova Madinabonu, 6 years o . . .
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Sanjarov Kamron, 8 years old.
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Keldiyorov Shaxriyor, 5 years . . .
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Bahromov Firuza, 10 years.
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The novel "White ship" by Chin . . .
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The Novel "Jamilya" By Chingiz . . .


Can I register without coming to the library?

763/5000 Mozhete, pol'zovatelyu predostavlyayetsya vozmozhnost' obrashchat'sya v Bibliote . . .

Who can participate in the events held at the library?

Any user, carrying an identity document (passport, etc.) or a reader's ID card.

Can I rent a netbook in the library?

You can, leaving to pledge a passport or student ID card and paying 3000 sum for a netboo . . .


Online information service of NB fulfilling ad hoc requests of remote users associated with finding information across the spectrum of subject areas. Queries about the existence of specific domestic and foreign publications stored in the library.

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