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In the National Library opened a book-illustrative exhibition titled " Museums-mirror of history "

May 17, 2019 in the reading room "Ijod" of the National Library of Uzbekistan opened a book-illustrative exhibition titled "Museylar-tarix kuzgusi" (Museums-mirror of history), dedicated to the International Museum Day.

International Museum Day was established by the International Council of Museums in 1977. Since May 18, 1978, museum workers in more than 150 countries have been celebrating their professional holiday - International Museum Day. On this cultural holiday, millions of visitors are eagerly awaiting the next visit to the museum and meetings with rare exhibits telling about the history, originality, culture, values and heritage of the region, people and personalities. On this holiday, many museums in different countries of the world open their doors to everyone, prepare new expositions, thematic lectures, excursions, and scientific readings.

The purpose of the International Museum Day is to draw public attention to issues such as the illegal export of museum property, the role of museums in enhancing the culture of society, to tell visitors and tourists about the rich history, cultural heritage, and achievements of the country and society. Today’s museums are open to the public, which contributes to the development of this area. The public supports the goals of museums and in the spirit of creativity and innovation takes an active part in their work. It is believed that through museums society expresses its attitude to the historical and cultural heritage. Collecting and storing monuments of material and spiritual culture, museums conduct a great scientific and educational work.

The exhibition titled: “Museylar Tarix Kuzgusi” (Museums-Mirror of History) presents books, magazines, brochures and photographs acquainting users with famous art galleries and museums around the world. It also contains information about open-air museums, cities of museums and the modern possibilities of museums. On the pages of photo-books “Узбекистон обидалари. Дурдона битиклар”,“ 100 great museums of the world ”,“ Open-air museums ”,“ 100 great palaces of the world ”,“ Dutch genre painting of the XVII century in the collection of the State Hermitage Museum ”,“ Uzbekiston davlat sanat museyi”,“ Bukhara State Architecture and Art Museum and Preserve ”,“ Shokhi-Zinda ”and specialized magazines“ World of the Museum ”and“ Museum ”visitors will get acquainted with the exhibits of museums - historical monuments, with the subject mi applied art, with architectural buildings of different centuries, with samples of material and spiritual culture, as well as with the current activities of museums.

Press Service of the National Library of Uzbekistan