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The National library was held presentation of the new documentary "Yavdat Ilyasov. The man from Mars"

November 9, 2017 at the National library was held presentation of a new documentary film by Director, honored artist of Uzbekistan Aliaskar Fathullin "Yavdat Ilyasov. The man from Mars".

The film tells about the life of the writer-historian Yavdat Ilyasov, the author of such famous works as "the Path of anger," Sogdiana, "the Spotted death", "the snake Charmer", "the Revenge of Anahita". The project was implemented with the assistance of the Fund named after Sh. Mardjani.

The life of Yavdat Ilyasov, full of mysteries and incredible events that made him a unique person and he certainly could not be aware of this. Person who never finished high school, in the 50-70-ies of the last century wrote books that are still reprinted today in Uzbekistan and abroad. He created not only a historical bestsellers, poetry, scripts, translations into Russian language, but also fantastic stories about himself. One of them is about that he – man from Mars. He told his son at night, putting him to sleep...

The film is based on interviews of the Director with the people who knew Yavdat Ilyasov personally. Memories of the writer to share his son Jangar Ilyasov, daughter Clara Larina and Ilona Ilyasova, daughter-in-law Saida Ilyasova, grandchildren Roman Larin and Maryam Ilyasova, poet Raim Farhadi, writer Sukhrob Mukhamedov, actor Rustam Sagdullaev, art critic Tigran Mkrtychev, writer Boris Golender.

Opinion about the film was expressed by the journalist Boris Babaev: "I watched the film from beginning to end, without stopping. It presents a very valuable and interesting information about the writer, on books which grew more than one generation of readers. The film is made at the highest level. All the skill that the Director Aliaskar Fatkhullin has accumulated over the years of creative activity, has put in the work."

In the film used footage from the films Central archive of film-photo-phone documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The music of Claude Debussy, Nicolo Paganini, Rudolfo Falvo, Deriz-El-Attache, Rumile Vildanova, Michael Tier.

The idea of the project belongs to Director and script writer Ali Hamraev. Written and directed by: Aliaskar Fatkhullin. General producer: Rustam Suleymanov. Operators: Edem Aliev, Ruben Fatkhullin, Riaz Isxakov. Sound Engineers: Vladimir Baramykov, Ilnur Sarbaev. Mounting: Aliaskar Fatkhullin. Executive producers: Gulzada Nechaeva, Artem Kosar, Natalia Nazarova.

The press service of the National library of Uzbekistan