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In the National library of Uzbekistan was held a bibliographic review on the subject "Millat muallimi" (Teacher of the nation)

On July 12, 2018, a bibliographic review on "Millat muallimi" (Teacher of the nation) dedicated to the 140th anniversary of educator, journalist, state and public figure Abdullah Avloni was held in the reading room "Uzbekistan". It was attended by specialists of information and library institutions and library users.

Bibliographic review was conducted by redactor of publishing house of the National library of Uzbekistan Javlon Jovliev. "The great poet, writer, playwright, teacher, journalist and public figure Abdullah Avloni, is one of the founders of Uzbek culture and literature. He raised to a new level national pedagogy, drama, national theater, journalism, children's literature, did a lot for the development of the Uzbek school of modern type. Avloni was born in July 12, 1878 in Tashkent in a family of weavers. His parents were literate people. Avloni began to work and earn a living as a child. Starting from the age of 15, Abdullah Avloni's poems began to appear in the press. In 1904 Avloni became one of the leaders of the jadids, and opened a school of jadidism, in 1909, the organization creates "Jamiati hayratiya". In 1905-1917 he actively participated in the press with his journalistic articles. In 1907, Avloni created the newspaper "Shukhrat", - he briefly introduced the audience to the life and work of Abdullah Avloni.

After studying, he was engaged in pedagogy, founded a new system of schools and offered to teach Eastern and Western languages. Avloni was the first to propose teaching geography, chemistry, astronomy and physics in Turkestan schools, he introduced a change in the education system between lessons, introduced exams when students moved from one class to another, thus raising education in Turkestan to a new level. In 1895 Avloni works under the aliases "Mares", "Shukhrat" "Hijron", "Avloni", "Surayyo", "Abulfayz", "Indamas" creating essays, satires, and dramatic play. He called his people to education and enlightenment. In 1909 he opened a school in the style of jadidism.

Avloni together with Behbudi founded the troupe "Turon" and put the play "Padarkush". He opens the publishing house "Nashriet" and bookstore "School library". Abdullah Avloni's school was different from old-fashioned schools in that all lessons were conducted not in Arabic, but in Uzbek. Together with his colleagues-jadids Mahmudhodja Behbudiy, Abdurauf Fitrat, Abdulhamid Chulpon and others, he advocated for the democratization of social relations, for the education of the General population, including women, for the study of General subjects and the improvement of teaching methods. In 1917, after the revolution, published the newspaper "Turon" under the motto "Yashasin Halk Jumhuriyati!"

Works by Aloni: Books for children in Uzbek language: "Birinchi muallim", "Ikkinchi muallim", "Tarix", "Turkiy Guliston, yohud ahlok". Plays: "TUy", "Congress", "Layli VA Majnun", "Ikki Muhabbat", "Advokatlik, osonmi?", "Uliklar", "Pinak", "BIZ VA SIZ", "Buron", "Portugaliya inqilobi". Fables: "Tulki ila Karga". Poems:"Mardikorlar ashulasi", "Vatan", "Maktab", "Bogcha", "Yalkov shogird tilidan", "Toglardan bir manzara", "Millatga Kitob", "Ishchilardan tortuk", "Kuklam Keldi", "Tovush". Articles:"Maksad VA Maslak", "Holimizga doir". Stories: "Hasad balosi". Avloni as a poet wrote many poems. His famous poems "Uz mamlakatimizda", "Maktab" urge the people to enlightenment. Especially known for his book "Adebiyot".

As part of the bibliographic review, an exhibition of literature entitled "Millat muallimi" (Teacher of the nation), dedicated to the literary activities of Abdullah Avloni.

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