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The presentation of a book “Munojotnoma” by Academician Abdulla Azam was held at the National Library of Uzbekistan

February 8, 2019 in the National Library of Uzbekistan took place the presentation of the book “Munojotnoma” by Academician Abdulla Azam. The event, dedicated to the celebration of the 578th anniversary of the outstanding Uzbek poet, statesman Alisher Navoi, was attended by scholars of literature, mathematics, philologists, students and library users.

Opening the event, Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor Abdusalom Umarov spoke about the essence and significance of this book. “Nowadays, special attention is paid to the full disclosure of the inner beauty and richness of literature. Abdulla Azam was the first to begin studying in gazelle literary criticism of Alisher Navoi by means of mathematical analysis. In the book “Munojotnoma”, Abdulla Azam interpreted the prose form of the prayer of Alisher Navoi without separation from the text of the work ”.

Speakers noted the role of the literary and spiritual heritage of Alisher Navoi, who made a great contribution to the development of Uzbek (Turkic) literature in the cultural, moral and patriotic education of young people. “In the book of Munojotnoma, for a wide audience of readers, the work of the great Uzbek poet and thinker Alisher Navoi“ Munojotnoma ”is presented in an analytical style. To this end, he draws attention to the peculiar rhythm and rhyme of the poem "Munojot", as well as the book presents: a dictionary with a broader interpretation of words, comments and additional information. In order to be able to freely read the works of Navoi independently, a glossary and comments are posted next to each stanza of the poem. This work was created in the last years of the life of the great poet. A work of great importance in Uzbek literature consists of 100 verses of poetry. “Munojot” is a unique monument of world literature, ”said the executive editor of Movarounnahr publishing house Abdul Jalil Khujam.

PhD in Philology Sayfiddin Sayfulloh noted: “First, “Munojot ”consists of the prayer of Navoi to Allah at the end of life and the most sincere feelings for him, expressed in the principles of deep perception, thoughts, worldview and his beliefs. Secondly, the work is unrepeatable in its unique genre. It is even called divine inspiration. And Abdulla Azam tried to prove that this is so”.

Speaking about his book, Academician Abdulla Azam said: “I want that  «Munojot» by Navoi will enter the hearts of the Uzbek people. Especially, it should be recommended to students to read and learn. Saying “Read Navoi to everyone!” may seem inappropriate. Nevertheless, Navoi is one of the great people in the history of mankind and one of the great geniuses of world poetry. His work and life amaze the minds of scientists of the world. And therefore, every Uzbek child should read Navoi, read with love, read with a touch of a sense of beauty, read with the desire of consciousness in his works of clarity and depth of thoughts. Moreover, the reading of Navoi is also a national treasure, an Uzbek symbol. “Munojot ” is a poem written in the form of a “letter to yourself”. Its content amazed the contemporaries of Navoi, attracted the attention of many, and was rewritten several times. ”

In the event, the laureate of the State Prize "Nihol" Ilyos Arabov  performed songs on the poems of Alisher Navoi.

An exhibition of literature entitled “El netib topgay menikim ...” dedicated to the 578th anniversary of the outstanding Uzbek poet and statesman Alisher Navoi opened at the event. In the exhibition were presented the publications of the famous “Khamsa”, famous works of the poet, as well as works about Alisher Navoi, written by Oybek, Maksud Shaikhzade and other writers at different times.